Flyer - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Flyers are one of the most iconic advertising tools used to promote products, services and events. With GDK Printing, choose from a range of paper types and sizes best suited for your design.

Brochure - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Brochures are critical advertising mediums used to inform potential customers about a company, product or service. Here, with multiple folding formats for you to choose from, we give only the best for your design.

Booklet - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Booklets are a form of print that has a variety of uses, ranging from product catalogues to reports. Make the best decision with GDK Printing as you choose from a range of paper types for the perfect booklet prints!

NCR Form - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

NCR Forms

NCR Forms play an essential role in businesses, usually in the form of invoices, proposals, contracts and many more. Print with GDK Printing and choose the optimal thickness for your needs.

Letterhead - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Significant assets in professional business, letterheads reflect heavily on a company’s corporate identity. Choose from different paper types and printing processes for the ideal letterhead that you desire!

Envelope - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Envelopes, when well designed and printed, can help give a strong impression of professionalism. Choose the size and printing processes with GDK Printing to fit your design for the best prints possible.

Bookmark - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Bookmarks are perfect for establishing brand retention as they are functional and at the same time are used in promoting. With an eye-catching design, they can be effective tools in promoting your business.

Folder - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

PP Folders

Our PP Folders are made from high quality Polypropylene and are suitable for your school, business, conference or product launch. Customise with us to make this a great marketing tool to bolster your brand.

Desktop Calendar - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Desktop Calendars

The best part about incorporating calendar printing into your marketing is that they are useful to your customers. People like to receive them as gifts; they use them at work, at home and even in their cars.

Label Sticker - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Label Stickers

Stickers are a cost effective way to promote your brand and are great for promotional events, giveaways, branding and product label. Here, we have a wide range of materials available to suit your needs and budget.

Notepad - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Notepads are the perfect marketing tool for building your brand. Give them away to customers at your next meeting, trade show or marketing event and have your message reinforced over and over again.

Paper Bag - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Paper Bags

Customized paper bags are a perfect addition to your marketing plan as they can greatly boost your brand exposure. They can be used to hold giveaways at a tradeshow or as a shopping bag for your customers.

Postcard - GDK Printing Pte Ltd


Postcards are ideal for introducing new products, announcing upcoming events or keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis. They also make great front-counter handouts and trade show materials.

Tent Card - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Tent Cards

Tent cards are mostly found in large traffic areas such as restaurants, lobbies and front counters. They are useful marketing tools for product launches, promoting events and building general brand awareness.

Vouchers & Coupons-2 - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers and Coupons are perfect for increasing your sales revenue as they entice your customers to purchase something from you. They also act as word-of-mouth advertising through your customers.

Red Packet - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

Red Packets

Give your clients or customers something to remember you during the upcoming traditional festive season by giving them red packets with your company name and design printed on them!

Red Packet-4 - GDK Printing Pte Ltd

CNY Red Packets 2020

Give your clients or customers something to remember you during the upcoming traditional festive season by giving them red packets with your company name and design printed on them!